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5 ways to use a car lift

Are you curious about what a car lift can do? We will tell you in detail in this article. With a car lift, you can go in surprisingly many directions. Moreover, you can have different models of a car lift installed, as the website of British car lift company Lödige shows. A car lift is specifically designed for underground parking of a car. The model is always tailored specifically to your unique needs. The vertical transport of cars usually takes place within buildings themselves.

The Pegagus model car lift

This model is specially designed for areas where there is limited space. At first glance, the Pegasus car lift looks like a car garage. The Pegasus therefore fits perfectly – even seamlessly – within an existing car park design. With this car lift model, you can create up to 20 additional parking spaces for cars. An added advantage is that drivers and other occupants can remain seated in the car when moving it.

The Traffico model car lift

The Traffico works according to a hydraulic design. This option is the most comprehensive (offering the most additional parking space) and also has the greatest degree of design flexibility. The Traffico is ideal for business applications, but also fits perfectly within an individual’s home. You can install up to 40 extra parking spaces with it. Controlled via smart card or remote control, the Traffico has automatic doors and light beams. Thanks to the safety mechanisms, your car will not be damaged.

The Carrico car lift model

The Carrico car lift design is also ideal for accommodating large quantities of cars – up to 26 to be precise. The nice thing about the Carrico is that it uses two different automatic stops at different height levels. You don’t need an installed ramp for it. The Carrico is ideal for areas with narrow shafts.

The car parking lift

The parking lift is a special kind of car lift, namely a model where you can put two cars underneath each other. You have the parking lift in both dependent and independent versions. The dependent version means that the driver parked at the top is dependent on the person below him: if he does not leave, he cannot leave either. In an independent parking lift, each driver (top and bottom) can simply leave at the desired time, without one being hindered by the other.

The car scissor lift

The scissor lift consists of a freestanding metal construction. With this compact layout, you make optimal use of the available surface area. The lifting capacity is excellent, although the scissor lift is less ideal for parking arrangements that need to consist of several floors.