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Choose international ship repair from professionals in the field


If you’re looking for a professional international ship repair service for a broken-down vessel, vessel repair company Antwerp Underwater Solutions might be just the partner you need. Their accomplished divers can service vessels fully, repairing anchors and chains, removing rust, polishing propellers and developing solutions for all kinds of defects. As one of the best ship repair companies in the world, they stand ready to assist you 24/7.

Have professional divers perform your international ship repair

A damaged vessel requires an international vessel repair company to get you underway again as soon as possible. A stationary ship accumulates rust, not income. International ship repair companies will typically offer you a repair in dry-dock. This is not the most efficient option, however. Putting the ship in dry dock to build scaffolding for it costs time and time, of course, is money. The experts of Antwerp Underwater Solutions have a better solution – to repair the vessel underwater, at its current location. Their certified divers can do this for you with ease. Through underwater welding technology they can repair cracks and holes of reasonable size. If the damage is severe or inconveniently located, a dry working environment may be necessary. The divers create this environment by constructing a cofferdam to execute the repairs from inside. Both kinds of repairs can be conducted in a European harbor, making AUS a truly international ship repair company.

Make use of the 24/7 services of this international ship repair company

You have a ship at rest, and it’s costing you money. Get a vessel repair company in your corner, and retain the services Antwerp Underwater Solutions can provide for you. Contact them 24/7 by calling  them at the number on their website. This international ship repair company can begin working for you immediately, and will be happy to see you back on your way on the high seas!