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Here are the best channels to market your ecommerce business:

A traffic source is a name for a website that sends traffic to your website. The phrase “traffic” comes from “store traffic,” a metric used by store managers and marketers to measure the number of customers in a store in a certain period of time. Website traffic is similarly the number of users who visit a website in a certain period of time. A traffic source can be tracked and measured, unlike store traffic. A traffic source is a term that describes what is sending visitors to your website. Its origins are in-store traffic which was a metric used by store managers or marketers to measure the total amount of people who visited their store in a certain period of time. Website traffic works in the same way, however, the source of the traffic can be measured. So what is an Odyssey Attributed channel, which proved to be effective in starting journeys? The simple answer is Google Shopping. 


Want to know what’s driving your website traffic? Then you should analyze your traffic sources and apply revenue attribution. Traffic sources can give marketers insight into their most helpful tactics and strategies. You might find that certain third-parts or activities are driving visitors to your site, such as a specific Google search (bottom of the funnel marketing) or an awareness ad (top of the funnel marketing). The source of website traffic is one of the most important pieces of information for marketers to discover. Understanding the source will tell you exactly what strategies, third parties, or activities are bringing in visitors and what those visitors’ intentions might be. A visitor who came from a detailed Google Search (bottom of the funnel marketing) is much more likely to buy than a visitor who came from an advertisement that communicated your brand’s values (top of the funnel marketing). Websites need traffic, and marketers need to know where it’s coming from. If a company has a high bounce rate and low conversion rate, it might be because the traffic is coming from a marketing campaign instead of a website, which communicates something about the intention of the visitor. The source of the website traffic (whether it’s from Google or not) gives marketers insight into what activities, third parties, or strategies are helping them to gain visitors.


Google Analytics is the most popular tool to measure traffic sources and determine the taxonomy of traffic sources. It is important to understand these sources because they drive traffic to your website. The three main types are direct, referral, and search (organic vs. paid). Google Analytics also includes other typical online marketing traffic sources like email, social media, affiliates, and online video.