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High-quality products for a positive dietary cation anion difference

Using the economically feasible feed additives and supplements produced and developed by Kimtec International leads to the reduction of calcium deficiency in dairy cows, as is often seen after calving. This company provides you with state-of-the-art, high-quality products, suitable for maintaining animal health. These products are unique and produced under control standards like GMP and HACCP. Because this company attaches great importance to the products they offer, many dairy farm owners, dairy consultants and companies in the animal feed industry around the globe have purchased these products for many years. Kimtec International comes up with innovative solutions for dietary cation-anion difference, milk fever, and many other problems in the animal feed industry.

Innovative product development for the animal feed industry

One of the main activities of this company is R&D or product development in the area of feed additives and supplements. With a great problem-solving attitude, its specialists supply economically feasible products that support and improve animal health and production. Reducing feeding costs is also an important goal they focus on. One of their products is KatAn®, which consists of potent and palatable anionic salts, developed especially to prevent calcium deficiency in dairy cows after calving. How does a dietary cation-anion balance or difference work? Feeding a typical dry cow ration will lead to a positive dietary cation-anion difference, meaning an excess of cations towards anions. This positive difference can lead to an alkaloid metabolic state, rendering the parathyroid hormone receptors non-functional. In short, KatAn® products restore the dietary cation-anion balance and can prevent milk fever in an effective way.

More information about products for a positive dietary cation-anion difference

Are you curious about the many possibilities this company has to offer? Or do you have questions about the dietary cation-anion difference and how to make this positive by using the products of Kimtec International? Do not hesitate to contact their specialists. They are happy to tell you more about their economically feasible additives and supplements for the animal feed industry.