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Taking care of your Dutch tax return

When living in The Netherlands, doing your tax return is one of the tasks you need to accomplish according to the Dutch laws. You need to let the Dutch revenue service know what your income and that from your spouse is. This way they can see whether you own the state money or if you have paid an amount which is too high according to your income. Taking care of your tax return is an annual returning task which you are obligated to do. Doing your Dutch tax return as a foreigner can be a very challenging task. That is the reason why Witlox International Tax Advice is more than happy to assist you with this. This company specializes in assisting you with doing your taxes in the right way.

Requesting 30% ruling

Foreign employees hired by a Dutch company can be entitled to the 30% tax ruling. Have you been recruited by a Dutch company which you are now working for and do you need to take care of your tax return? Then 30% of your gross income is being paid without any withheld taxes. This means your net spendable income is much higher than usual. With the assistance of Witlox International Tax Advice you are assured of qualitative assistance with your taxes and getting the 30% ruling. They can check and explain the application of the ruling for you, based on the information obtained from a questionnaire send by you.

Your partner in taxes and other services

Any subject concerning your taxes can be addressed at the experts at Witlox International Tax Advice. The expert employees will give you personal advice and answer any questions you may have. Additional services of this company may include fiscal advice related to your specific tax situation, filling the tax returns for you and your partner and sending a brochure with up to date taxation rule each year.